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...a place where good advice counts!

Our Purpose

With more than 50 years of business ownership between them, the Directors of The Advice Room understand the benefit of good advice, regardless of whether it’s given or received. The Advice Room offers business owners access to this advice service via its Key Associates. These are experienced and professional specialists, who will not only help to protect your business and its assets, but will also aid you to implement sound succession planning, workplace pensions, reduce the costs of essential services and enhance profitability, which in turn, helps you to concentrate on the thing you’re best at.........your business.

Our Associates

All Advice Room Associates have more than 15 years experience in their specialist fields and have been selected for their track record in delivering their advice in a clear and concise manner, providing value for money services, while keeping their Clients’ interests at the forefront of their work.

Our Aim

With businesses facing widespread challenges, our aim at The Advice Room is to add REAL value to you and your business, by introducing you to a number of products and services which create sound foundations, to enable you and your business to thrive, even under the most challenging of circumstances, such as rising costs, taxation and death or serious illness of a key person/shareholder. Working with experienced Associates, we aim to deliver our services with minimum fuss and maximum integrity, ensuring minimum downtime away from day to day business activities.

The Advice Room

The business owner’s route to reduce costs, protect personal and/or corporate assets, raise finance, implement that workplace pension, or simply experience that long awaited trip of a lifetime!! 


A number of essential, tried and tested contacts, accessed via one contact number .

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A number of essential, tried and tested contacts,
accessed via one contact number

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