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You may well think about building your wealth?
Do you ever think about how to protect your wealth?

Our Associates are a professional firm of business and management consultancy specialists, dedicated to protecting the wealth of their Clients. Typical Clients being: business owners, self-employed individuals, partners, or people who have accrued, or are accruing, wealth during their lifetime and wish to protect that wealth for the benefit of their loved ones.

Our Associates are a highly specialised company with a unique product offering. Their core activities are that of ‘Asset Restructuring’ and ‘Tax Planning’, enabling their Clients to protect assets that they (or their company) own from the effects of tax during their lifetime, or on their death. Tax Planning is the process that businesses use in order to minimise the amount of taxes paid. A reduced tax burden creates more profit for shareholders, monies for re-investment in the business, in order to ensure on-going competitiveness, or for the protection of the business in times of economic downturn. Asset Restructuring, as well as planning for the succession of an estate, addresses the concerns that Clients have around protection of assets from:
Relationship breakdowns concerning their children.
Creditors and litigations.
Long term care costs.
No matter what your situation, they can restructure your affairs to suit your unique circumstances, utilising secure structures and trust planning. These arrangements will maximise your assets and earnings, adding significant value to you and your family. 
For advice on how to protect your business assets, contact The Advice Room.


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