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What happens to your business if you die or are unable to make financial decisions?

How would this affect those around you?

How many opportunities have you had to resolve this matter?

On average, £40 million per year is claimed by the Government from estates where people died intestate. These people ‘never got round to organising their affairs. Whether it be death or even loss of mental capacity, these can be difficult subjects to address. However the consequences of not dealing with such matters mean the people you leave behind find it extremely difficult to cope (especially if this involves unresolved business affairs) at a time when they are already grieving.

Having dealt with most scenarios during their 50 years collective experience, our Associates facilitate what is likely to be the most important financial planning transaction you will ever make, with professionalism and integrity. Using a tried and tested combination of Bespoke Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney, they give you control today, over what could happen tomorrow. Their ultimate goal is to provide you with total peace of mind, ensuring your estate is protected during your lifetime, then distributed INTACT, in accordance with YOUR wishes upon death.

Our Associates are STEP certified practitioners and members of the Society of Will Writers. By adopting a strategy of prevention rather than cure, they ensure common sense prevails over bureaucracy, significant costs and procedures. This is particularly relevant if you own assets in other EU countries.

And for the business owner, a Lasting Power of Attorney forms part of a robust business continuity plan. Appointing a trusted Attorney means your business can continue to operate, should you be unable to operate it!


Make sure your loved ones inherit your assets, not strangers! Either YOU can make the necessary arrangements now, or someone else will make them for you!

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