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What effect would death (or serious illness) of a Shareholder/Key Person have on your business?
Pause for a minute.........................could this cause major disruption? Now consider this..........................
What happens to the shares of the deceased on death?
Do the remaining shareholders wish to purchase the shares, if so, do they have the funds to do so?
How practical and/or desirable would it be for the surviving spouse to continue owning the shares and therefore having part control of the business?
Will the shares be sold to a third party, maybe a competitor?


As business owners, we tend to insure against most risks, however the main assets are often overlooked...............the Shareholders and Key People. We believe that too few businesses have sufficient insurance to cover the one eventuality that can literally mean the end of a business and the income it provides - the death or serious illness of a Shareholder or Key Person.

Almost 20 years ago, our Business Protection specialists realised there were very few UK companies who had the correct Business Protection/Succession Planning in place and that there was a lack of advisers providing anywhere near the level of expertise required to implement this correctly.

Our view is that Shareholder/Partnership & Keyman Protection is the foundation to any continuing, successful, progressive business. All companies are different and whether it is a company with just two, or a multiple of directors and shareholders, an individual solution can be designed to meet that company’s requirements.

Our experts work with many leading providers of Business Insurance and over the years have built-up an extremely effective technical knowledge, backed-up by a countrywide legal & technical support network, containing individuals who are known experts in their respective fields. This ensures the necessary trusts and legally approved agreements required in providing both tax-effective Business Succession & Family Wealth are correctly implemented.


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